Protocol and Image Seminars - Teen Etiquette - New York, NY

Teen Etiquette Seminar
Teen Etiquette and Protocol
 “Etiquette is the fine tunning of education”   

Teen Etiquette and Protocol is a dynamic 3 Weeks Seminar designed to teach students the rules of etiquette and good manners; polish their social and communication skills; develop their confidence, their knowledge and ability to handle new situations with ease; help them become more effective in their lives; and prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders in the global marketplace and citizens of the world.   

You will learn and put into action:  

Good impressions, greetings, handshakes
Introducing self and others
How to walk, sit and stand to make a good impression
Dressing appropriately for the occasion
Personal grooming tips-Your attitude and body language “speak” volumes
Telephone etiquette
General cell phone rules
Social media etiquette
School Etiquette
Develop confidence in meeting new people
Basic conversation principles
How to make small talk
How to graciously enter and exit conversations
Active listening-How to remember names
How to give and receive compliments
Social media do’s and don’ts
How to write thank-you notes
Brief pointers on table manners
Understanding place settings
Napkin placement and use
Continental and  American dining
How to eat various foods
The silent service Code
Conversation at the table
Guidelines for tipping
Creating a winning image for personal presentation
Dressing for your body shape and skin color
Hair and makeup for girls
Grooming for guys
Conversation, body language tips and much more.   

This seminar includes certificate, coffee breaks, a lunch tutorial guaranteed to heighten your dining skills.   

Location: Hotel Beacon, 76th and Broadway, New York, NY 
Days: February 7, 14 and 21 (Saturdays), 2015  
Hours: 3:00pm-5:00pm 
Cost: $595.00 
Contact: Ramon Rodriguez 917-992-7702